Monday 9 July 2018

The confetti flower fields

Last year, we discovered the confetti flower fields and Mimi and I had a wonderful adventure there. This year, I was checking every day from the beginning of the year to see when they would announce the date that it would open! Last weekend, we took the little road trip to the field and it was just as magical as last year. It had moved down a field so there wasn't any access to the field behind that was full of flax last year but it was just as lovely.

We were so lucky in that we parked our car right next to the wonderful Kitty from Searching for tomorrow! It was so wonderful to meet her and we exchanged hugs (lots!) and a mini photoshoot each! We didn't stay too long as it was so hot and the sun was super bright but I pushed myself to take photographs in the harsh sunlight. I would normally just use my phone and hope for the best but I really wanted to practice in the direct sunlight and I love the dreamy feel I managed to get in the photos. I am actually quite proud of these photographs and it has inspired me to practice more in harsh light to see what else I can achieve!

Here are the photographs from the little shoot I did of Kitty and Freda. Again, I am so pleased with these as I embraced the light and tried to move around and let it create a beautiful back light.



  1. I love your photographs and the places you visit are so lovely!

  2. So beautiful. What a charming place to visit. Every time I visit your blog (and Loreta's All The Beautiful Things, I resolve to let my hair grow down to my waist again. You and your daughter's (and Loreta's daughter) make me see that practicality is not everything, but that beauty is its own end, and so worth the time and effort.

  3. I love the second photo the absolute best, but all are mood-lovely. I posted our herbal cold/flu remedy into the comments under your June 18 post...and wanted to tell you here in case you didn't see it. Blessings...

  4. So beautiful and dreamy. Love this a lot.♡



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