Sunday 20 May 2018

Gingerlillytea Vintage

On the 1st of June, I am launching a new Vintage shop. It has been a dream for a few years and I have been gathering up items for the shop over those years too. A few weeks ago, I was talking to Gilles about my dream and he was so supportive and encouraged me to give it a go and so I am. I have set up my shop over on Instagram for now under GingerlillyteaVintage and I have spent some time this week photographing some stock. I have a day next week planned to go and look for more items for the shop and I am far too excited!

As many of you know, I already run my own photography business also under Gingerlillytea Photography as well as this little blog of mine. I am so enjoying having my own brand/business and I am hoping to keep it all as one brand. I really am so excited about this little venture. I have started my spreadsheets and looked at small business loans to help me get started, as well as looking at logo ideas, packaging ideas and writing down some styling ideas. I love being creative and I love that owning your own business allows you to have as much creativity as you wish! It is your business and you don’t have to answer to anyone else!

I wanted to share some tips on starting a business. I have had my photography and blog business set up and registered now for five years. I do work full time so, at the moment, it isn’t my full time career but I am building my brand back up and I know that if I work hard, I can have Gingerlillytea as my main career and income in the future.

-          -Keep spreadsheets from the get go. It helps you organise your finances and takes away stress from trying to remember in goings and out goings.
-         - Make sure you register your business straight away. Even if you won’t be earning enough throughout the year to pay tax, you still need to register and complete a tax return each year.
-         - Give yourself set hours in the day to work. I got in a habit of not managing my time correctly and I was very unfocused because I was working from home. I would have the tv on in the background or just sit in bed with my laptop and it wasn’t productive atall.
-         -Set yourself up a little working area. I have two now. An old writing bureau downstairs to sit at and an old dressing table in my bedroom if I would prefer some peace and quiet and a more cosy feel.
-          -Don’t compare yourself to others! This is such an important one. Everyone is on a journey and everyone had to start somewhere. I would look at other photographers and worry that my work wasn’t as good as theirs or wonder why I couldn’t earn the same amount but everyone is different and we all offer something unique to us so let your own talent shine through.


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  1. Vintage clothing is my favorite type of clothing. I just like how elegant and classy it looks. Usually what we see in our times today when it comes to clothing are those too skimpy outfits that makes the wearer looks so cheap. I would prefer to date someone that dresses in a conservative and sophisticated manner. I am not judging, but the things that a person wear is a reflection of his or her personality so please be mindful of that!



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