Monday 11 September 2017

Hydrangeas and meadows

We are very lucky that we live by a public abbey and gardens. It is free to access and we pass it everyday on our way to school. We spent a lot of time in the summer there as it is only a few minuets drive for us. We have met friends over there but also had days that were just us.

One of those days was a lovely, sunny day where we picked hydrangea petals from the bushes. We collected them in our baskets and then walked to the meadow to sit and press them. It was just a lovely slow, carefree day. The girls played in the meadow and climbed trees and i just sat and watched and, of course, snapped away. I made a mini creative film that i think is one of my most favourites i have done! I made one last year also of our hydrangea flower pressing adventure which you can watch here. I hope you all love it too!


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