Monday 17 July 2017

Confetti flower fields

Last year, i came across a facebook page for a confetti flower field that opens for one week a year. I came across the page one day after it closed! I was pretty annoyed but i immediately liked the page and waited for the dates for the following year to be announced. As soon as they were announced on the website, i booked in my diary a date for a little trip with the girls and it so happened that this date was two weeks ago. I was actually not feeling well in the morning and Elle was feeling poorly too. I knew we only had that day to visit and i had dreamed about our visit for the whole year.

I decided to drive with just Mia. It was just under two hours away and it was actually quite nice having just her and me time in the car, signing our hearts out to her favourite music. When we arrived at the flower farm, it was very busy and i was a little disheartened but we found a place to park and started to wonder. When every i am at a new place, i always go the opposite way from the crowds and that is what Mia and i did. We headed to the other side of the field where the wild flowers grew and sat under a tree to take in the field. I was starting to feel pretty rough at this point at i was getting horrid ear pains and throat pains but we just sat and relaxed for a bit before exploring and heading back into the crowds.

Although it was busy and hot, it was still so lovely and next to the field was an open flax field with a beautiful church in the distance. I made a little creative film and took a few photographs before we sat under another tree together.

I am already looking forward to next year and will be more prepared on what we need. I knew the car drive would be far but didn't really take notice of the time and it was very hot and i forgot extra drinks. A little lesson learnt but a beautiful adventure non the less!


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