Friday 12 May 2017

Bluebell days

The bluebell woods. This is the wood that i have been coming to every year since i was a teenager. Hidden away across fields and down a hill, nestled right at the bottom where you wouldn't even be able to see unless you knew it was there. It feels like another world as soon as you step in there and i feel so safe and calm there. It makes me feel so far away from every day life and i can breathe. 

I wanted to share some iphone photographs from our latest adventures there. We have been a few times since the bluebells bloomed and i have been back on my own in the evenings twice looking for deers and other wildlife. I have heard the woodpecker calling and an owl calling. I have seen deers prancing in the brambles and hares scuttling across the paths. I have sat with the girls at the stream, watching them play and get lost in their own fairy world. I have made flower crowns on moss covered stumps. I have gathered pine cones and wild flowers from the forest and i have sat and read my books whilst the girls climbed on the logs. 

It has just been slow and peaceful. We have a few more trips planned before the bluebells go and i still want to make a little mini creative film and capture a deer amongst the flowers. I hope you like these photographs. Most are taken by me but a few were by the girls too! 




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