Tuesday 11 April 2017

Flower pressing

Flower pressing is one of my most favourite things to do. Gathering flowers, making crowns and wreaths and pressing them in my many flower presses! I just love taking a day and going out with the girls and our baskets, finding flowers, looking them up in my flower books to find out what they are, gathering them in our basket and then just playing around it them. It is so calming and we love to go to places that do not have many people around. Secret forests and meadows that we find and keep just to ourselves. I wish i could spend every day adventuring in the countryside, gathering cuttings of flowers and filling my presses and nature journals with them all!



  1. Hi, Keri-Anne! I loved this post, your photos are always so beautiful and it's a pleasure to read your sweet words.

    I love flowers so much and I've been trying flower pressing but I'm not very good at it since many of them are ruined. Could you give me some tips like how to remove the flowers from the presser? Or perhaps do a tutorial post about flower pressing? (I read some but they didn't say much and weren't really helpful) I would be very greatful.

  2. I love flowers very much and I think most peoples like flowers very much.Flowers are something like combination of beauty and smell.I like you post very much it looks stunning.Orchid is my favorite flower.Thank you so much for sharing such marvelous post.



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