Monday 24 April 2017

A bluebell picnic

Sunday. It was a day for lying amongst the bluebells, primroses and wood anemone. It was a day for scrambling through brambles because you had seen a mummy deer leaping and you wanted to go and say hello. It was a day for making a primrose flower crown whilst sitting on a little tree stump. It was a day for making teepees. It was a day for listening to the woodpeckers deep in the forest. It was a day of feeling your heart beat so loud as the birds tweeted and the echo's of giggles from your little girls bounced of the trees.

Sunday was a day for a picnic. Sitting on our blanket, surrounded by the beautiful bluebells and being able to see the rapeseed far in the distance. Baskets full.

Our little picnic was made up of sandwiches and pains au lait by Brioche Pasquier. The girls love to snack on them and we even snuck in a few of the chocolate chip ones! Pains au lait are the perfect filler for our picnics and the girls lunch boxes too. We call them milk rolls and that is really what they are. Our sandwiches were filled with Jam. Mia actually had jam and cheese. She asked for it and i was sure that she wouldn't like it but she ate it all up!

I really wanted to make a mini film of our adventure but after a few minuets, my battery started to flash at me so i will be taking the girls back for an after school adventure and capturing a little film of them exploring!

(this is a collaborative post)

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