Sunday 15 January 2017

Siblings {January 17}

2017! Oh gosh! These little ladies are just growing and growing. 8 and 5 (nearly 6!).

I am so happy to be doing the Siblings project link up again for the fourth year. It really is one of my favourite posts to do and i am already looking forward to writing my round up post in December with all of the monthly photographs. I just love the changes i see and the bond growing and growing.

Now Mia is in year 1, her reading is just coming on so quickly. She surprised me every day with the things she can read now and she gets through her school books so quickly that i am always hunting for new books that will challenge her at home. Elle has a huge love for reading and it seems Mia is following her sister's footsteps. They love to sit and read together and Elle is so proud of her sister when she manages to read a hard word herself. Mia admires her sister so much and just loves to soak up anything Elle teaches her. And Elle loves that she can help her sister and teach her things. It really is so lovely to listen to when they are both snuggled into one of their beds, surrounded by books. The book of choice this time was a book on Kings and Queens. Mia loved hearing all about the castles and Elle loved teaching her sister all about the castles :)

Siblings is such a wonderful link up project. You can find more beautiful photographs on the other co-hosts blogs. Katie from Mummy Daddy Me, Lucy from Dear Beautiful, Amber from The Goblin Child and Carie from Space for the butterflies.We also have two new co-hosts joining us and i am so happy as i love both of their blogs. Donna from what the redhead said and Natalie from Little jam pot life



  1. Oh KA they have really grown up so much lately I agree. What gorgeous fun captures you have snapped of them here together to kick start #siblingsproject this year. I love them. Look forward to whole year of them again ahead. I love this project and all that it motivates us all to capture between our children.

    1. Thank you Jenny! They are growing so so quickly! I am glad i got some indoor ones as i am not the best at indoor photography and it is always nice to get a different perspective and different environment. x

  2. Gorgeous cosy photos. I love to see them reading together, my eldest has always been a big reader and I think she passes that on to the littlest too but to see her read to her is just the most intoxicating thing ever x

  3. Ahh I can't wait till my girls can snuggle in bed and read together! Beautiful xxx

  4. Beautiful pics and so lovely to see them reading together xx #siblingsproject

  5. Beautiful little ladies :-) I'm with you on the reading thing- Freddie is nearly 6 too and loves reading now, always found with his head in a book and a torch at bedtime! #siblings

  6. What gorgeous photos - they look so in love with each other x

  7. Your girls look so close. I will always have a little bit of sadness that Athena won't have a sister - I think the relationship between sisters is just such a beautiful thing. Athena has learnt so much since going into year one too - her and Mia sound quite similar! x

  8. Lovely photos. My son is the same age as Mia and also loves reading, sadly his sister is only 1 and finds it impossible to sit still, so I may be waiting a little while before I get lovely photos of them reading together!

  9. Such beautiful girls, I love it when mine cuddle up and read a book together!



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