Wednesday 16 November 2016

Movember week two

I have completed week two of the #Movember challenge that i am teaming up with Sara-Jayne from Keep up with the Jones family. Last week, i smashed my target and i have again this week! I am so proud of myself. I know that the daily walk target is not all that high, but i am currently studying, volunteering in the school and working on this little space so challenging myself to get out and walk and not just hide under my duvet has been a great thing! This week, i have walked 22.6 miles!

This week has consisted of another pine forest walk. We went as a family on Sunday and by the end of the walk, i had two children and a dog that were covered completely in mud! Their daddy let them jump in one puddle and then from there, they thought it was ok to jump in every puddle so we just gave up in the end and let them splash each other. Rusty thought this was an excellent idea and splashed and rolled in the muddy puddles too! Baths were had all around on Sunday afternoon!

I have also been walking to and from the school this week which has topped up my miles. Some mornings, i have beaten my target before 9am! I am so enjoying this and i love checking my progress throughout the day using my Jawbone UP. I did have a problem on one of the days where i went to sync at the end of the day and it had said that i had done only 1 step but then i realised that i needed to charge it so it wasn't keeping data so i have ruled that day out but even with that day ruled out, i had beaten my target again!

Sara-Jayne, i am coming for you!!!! If you want to see why we are doing the #Movember challenge and how you can help or donate, you can see my post here! Anything you can spare would be just so so wonderful to help us stop men dying too young.

(See week one's post here)


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