Friday 12 August 2016

The fairy tree

Our summer holidays are half way through now and we are having some wonderful adventures. Of course, there are days that the girls argue and we are tired and all we fancy doing is snuggling under a duvet watching movies, but i am trying to get them out at least five days a week.

One of our favourite things to do is to pick flowers and press them. We live right by a wonderful old abbey and gardens and we love walking through the gardens, woods and meadows. They also have a beautiful lake we like to take little paper boats to and paddle in. Before the girls finished school, i spent a day sitting under an old tree in the meadow, pressing my own flowers that i found and i knew that i wanted to do it with the girls. When i showed them the tree, they wanted to give it a name. They like to name all our favourite places and this is "The fairy tree". It is on the edge of the meadow and when you are sitting under it, looking out at the sun pouring day, it makes your heart flutter.

The girls and i spent the morning last week picking flowers from around the abbey and then i laid out our blanket and settled ourselves down under the fairy tree. Each girl got alternate layers in the press to arrange their petals. Afterwards, they both hunted for long sticks and galloped up and down the meadow, pretending they were on unicorns.

Days like this are the best. Just carefree cares. Being surrounded by nature, not having to worry how much money you need to spend to entertain them. We took some cakes and sandwiches and we couldn't have been happier.

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