Wednesday 13 July 2016

Finding treasures II

The last few months, i have found some wonderful things. I posted back in February with my first little treasure finds and wanted to share a few more. I have actually got a few more things that i wanted to share but i shall save them for the next post as i haven't taken pictures of some things just yet.

Botanical books. So my collection is still growing. As i mentioned in my previous finding treasure post, one of my goals for this year was to grow my collection of botanical books and i believe i have around 30 now. I love each and every single one of them. They have all been second hand from ebay or charity shops. I have a wire basket next to my bed of all my favourites and the rest are in a wicker hamper next to my craft desk. The girls and i take them out on our adventure and the girls often sit in my bed and read through them.

Botanical pictures. I love to collect these also, especially prints from PJ Redoute. He is my favourite botanical artist and i was so lucky to have found a large rose print of his in a beautiful frame for just £1 in a charity store. It hangs above my bed now.

A little wooden mouse. The girls found this little wooden mouse that we have named Eyebright in a local vintage shop. She was only £2 and now lives in the girls dolls house in the window bay.

Floral bedding. I have been so lucky recently that i have found some beautiful floral bedding. I have a beautiful one on my bed that i picked up for £3 and, this week, i found a rose duvet set for Elle's bed. I need to wash it and put it on her bed for her and i shall be sharing in the next post. She was with me when we found my duvet cover and wished it was only a single co she could have it but she loves the rose floral one i found for her which was only £1.50.

Clothing. I have found many cardigans and dresses recently. My birthday dress which you can see in this post  is a dress i found on Ebay for only £1.99. It makes me feel like Beatrix Potter. I have also found two cord dungaree dresses which i love and a few more lace and smock dresses. One of my favourite finds was a vintage wool cardigan. I found it the same day as my PJ Redoute print and it was only £3. It has the most beautiful sailor buttons.

This week. i picked up the most beautiful tea towel in the garden centre. It isn't a second hand item but i wanted to include it as it was only £4 and it is so beautiful. There were two i was trying to decide between but i had to go for this one and i think i might pick up the second one, which was a wild animals of the cotswolds, next time i go. I have already told my husband that this is for display purposes only and will not be used! I think it is far too pretty to be used.

I am excited already to make post number three as i have a little lunch date today with my friend at the vintage store and we are now also in carboot season so i am hoping to have so more things to share with very soon!

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