Saturday 2 July 2016

Daisies and poppies

It was a normal morning. Too restless to sleep the night before, too anxious to stay asleep during the night and too tired to open my eyes in the morning. But i did rise early. Mia had had a nightmare and ending up sleeping on the floor next to my bed. In a bundle of blankets and all of the toys she could carry at 3am. We snuck downstairs and was greeted by Elle who had woken early too.

I haven't had my car for around 10 weeks as she was broken but only yesterday, i got to drive her again so i knew i wanted to go somewhere and, of course, the girls wanted to take the easel out again. It had been a dream of mine a few weeks ago to go back to the oxeye daisy field with our paints and books so that is where we headed. In the car, Elle asked if she could take some photographs today so we stopped by the poppy field first. The sun was blaring and it was 8:30am. We found a big patch and i settled down amongst them and then Mia asked to have some with me. Elle took some beautiful photographs and i am so proud of her creative eye.

We headed back to the car, picked up our wicker baskets and the easel and walked through the meadows to the oxeye daisies. I set up the easel for Elle and the blanket for Mia. We ate grapes and strawberries, sang songs, made daisy chains and took photographs. It was a pretty wonderful morning. Just slow and free. Just us. We shut out the world and made memories.


  1. so beautiful. how lucky you are to have such luxuriously lovely nature nearby. and goodness, elle's hair is getting long, its real fairy princess hair.



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