Saturday 11 June 2016

The oxeye daisy meadow

One thing that i am is an adventurer. I love to explore new places, find beautiful meadows and forests and spend my days there, dreaming away and taking photographs. When i am on adventures, i always trust my instincts. I never stick to main paths and i always like to explore hidden tracks. This has lead to me finding such beautiful places. Last week, i went looking for poppies with my mum. We decided to go for a walk in a forest and i have been looking for foxgloves in a forest for years. I even mentioned it that day to my mum about how amazing it would be to find them. And we did. Right in the heart of the forest, in a hidden clearing. They were just starting to bloom and the girls and i are heading there tomorrow to see if they have all come out yet. I just couldn't believe my luck!

A few evenings ago, i took my dog for a walk and found a tiny path that lead into a wood. It had a few nettles and thistles along it and, if i was with the girls, i wouldn't have gone down there but i decided to adventure down the path and at the end was a huge meadow of oxeye daisies and buttercups. My heart started pounding and i was so excited. Yesterday evening, i decided to take Elle there as i knew she would love it just as much as i did. When we got to the meadow, i made her close her eyes and when she opened them and saw the the meadow she squealed so much and ran straight to them, sat down and started to sing to the daisies. I took a few pictures on my phone and made a little video which you can see on my instagram account. When the girls woke up this morning, Elle was telling Mia all about the field and how the daisies were nearly as tall as she was and Mia wanted to go, so after dinner, i took the girls back. It was so lovely seeing them playing in the meadow. Mia picked a daisy and put it in her hair and Elle sat amongst them and made a crown. Now the weather is warmer and the days are longer, our evenings are going to be full of adventures. Forests, meadows and the lake. We have so many places to find and so many places to explore and i cannot wait to see what the next place i find is.

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  1. If I lived somewhere with fields and forests that beautiful, I would never put my camera down. In fact, I might live outside.



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