Friday 10 June 2016

His day

Sunday is Father's day and for the first time in a few years, we get my husband at home! He works away most of the time and is currently away right now, working hard to provide his favourite girls with everything they need. He is amazing. He is the girls hero and he is my soul mate. I don't think i could love him anymore than i do and i know that is soppy but when he works away alot, the time we have together is even more special so we make the best that we can out of it. His adores his little ladies and we want to always make fathers day special for him.

For the last few years, the girls and i have made him a little hamper of all of his favourite foods and beer. Chocolates we know he loves, biscuits and also coffee. This year, i shall be doing the same and i shall be going to HomeSense to get all the things. We like to go in there as it is right by our house and they have such a huge collection of amazing coffees, chocolates and crisps. He loves looking at the chilli products as well and i shall be doing a nice little hamper again of the things i know he will love and will want to try.

For the day, i think a wonderful walk around the lake with the doggy and a picnic. Since he will have been away for a week, we are going to want to soak up as much family time before he goes away again. I cannot think of a better way than to spend the day out in the country or by a lake, cuddling up and eating lovely food. I think there shall also be bubble wands and frisbees involved!

I have put together a little selection of gift ideas from HomeSense below. I hope you all enjoy your day on Sunday.

(this post is a collaborative post)

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