Tuesday 1 March 2016

Dreaming of the attic

When i was a teenager, i had the attic room. I absolutely loved having that space and one of my favourite things was when the rain was falling outside during the night and the sound it made on my roof window. It was always so comforting and made me feel so cosy. Having the attic room was amazing for me. It gave me a complete floor of my own and so much more privacy and space.

I have dreamed of being able to open up the attic here and have one huge room for the girls. I can just imagine them having a bed each side of the room and there being a huge play area in the middle for them to play together. Being able to hear them giggling up there and their foot steps running around. And then that day where it is pouring with rain and i get to lift them up, open up their window and let them catch raindrops in their hands.

With a combination of their own bedroom styles, I can just imagine a beautiful floral wall paper, two little white wooden beds either side of the room, a small table with a teaset on it and each of them having their own vintage dressers at the ends of their beds. Two little roof windows above their beds with Velux blinds from the company Velux.

I do hope this little dream of mine will become a reality one day. Not only do i love the idea of them having their own space in the attic but i love the idea of expanding a house and opening up a whole new floor. Maybe even extending the attic to give them a bigger space. I could then have my own craft room in one of the bedrooms which is another dream of mine!


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