Sunday 6 December 2015

Tiny Roses Boutique

Recently, i got to work with the wonderful Tiny Roses Boutique to shoot their brand new clothing range. I love Liberty print and love how they have used the fabric to make such timeless and unique dresses. Elle loves them too and couldn't wait for me to finish shooting the dresses so her and her sister could play dress up with them. They have pretended they are queens and princesses.

I am so grateful and lucky for the wonderful photo work i have. I love being able to create unique photographs for companies and to work with such wonderful people!


  1. The photos are wonderful, and I like the prints on the fabric.

    1. Thank you so very much! I love it too. It is Liberty fabric x

  2. I love the mood that you create with your photos!

  3. I love the mood that you create with your photos!

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  5. Lovely photos for you to treasure.
    How wonderful that people ask you to do these shoots - and you make such a great job of it too (and your little models).
    And of course, the girls love to put on the dresses and things that people ask you to photograph, so they enjoy themselves also.
    Great work, Keri-Anne - I'm sure Tiny Roses will be delighted!

  6. where ever do you find these wonderful dresses? they are so wonderful!!



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