Monday 28 December 2015


January: I had a feature in Somerset life magazine/ I shared some photographs for Milou & Pilou/ Siblings in January/ I shared my first fitness post

February: I did a campaign with HomeSense for Comic relief/ I shared Elle's art wall/ Siblings in Febraury/ We went on an adventure amongst the snowdrops/ I shared a little post on Elle/ I shared my fitness progress

March: I shared a post on how much my sister means to me/ some beautiful flowers we bought/ I had a feature in Bella Grace magazine/ I shared some bathroom ideas/ some blossom pictures/ I went on a little walk in the woods/ Siblings in March/ We did an Easter egg hunt in the woods/ Mia turned four/ I did an sun room make over for my mother in law/ Fitness update/ we made birds nests out of dried grass

April: I made an Easter hanging mobile/ we had a playdate with some friends at the forest/ I did a blossom flower fairy photoshoot/ lace dresses and flower crowns/ Siblings in April/ being fragile/ antique maps/ teaching them to photograph/ I shared an after school adventure/

May: I shared how to make pressed flower pictures/ i had a feature in a Japanese craft book/ my fitness update for april/ our adventure in the bluebell woods/ Siblings in May/ I shared how we are helping Elle with her anxiety by writing letters to her from the fairies/ I did a photoshoot for Mia's best friend in the bluebells/ Some photographs from a family adventure in the cow parsley/ shared some thoughts on why i didn't want September to come/ I shared a family fitness post/ some more photographs from the cow parsley meadow/

June: Our little adventure amongst the wild flowers and teepees in the forest/ a wild buttercup field/ Siblings in June/ I shared a wallpaper crown garland that i made/ I share how i love to capture the girls story/ we went strawberry picking/ I shared some amazing Roald Dahl bedroom ideas

July: The adventures of the saltwater sandals/ Siblings in July/ I shared a home wishlist/ The girls had some wonderful portraits done with a unicorn head/ I also shared an autumn home wishlist

August: Back to school with George at Asda/ back to school with Marks and Spencers/ we had an adventure at the windmill meadow/ Siblings in August/ I shared my dream kitchen/ I shared our Cornwall holiday adventures/ a little dancing fairy in the wild flowers/ we sailed paper boats on the lake/

September: We had an adventure in the heather fields with little birdcages/ talking about my new chapter/ Siblings in September/ I took a trip to London for an event with George Clarke/ shared the lookbook i did for Milou & Pilou/ shared some amazing drawings of the girls/ we went berry picking/

October: We went on an adventure in the sunflower field/ we made a fairy garden in a vintage basket/ Siblings in October/ we had an adventure in the forest/ I wrote a fairy tale about Clementine and Eden/ logs, gold pumpkins and yellow fields

November: I had a feature in Mingle magazine/ i had a little adventure in the forest, making a fairy house world/ the adventures of the fox baubles/ Siblings in November/ Elle made a book for her teacher/ I shared some of my writing/ I share some Christmas decorating ideas/ We got an amazing new dolls house

December: The girls got some fairy bottles/ I shared a lookbook i photographed for Tiny roses boutique/ We decorated a lonely tree/ Siblings in December/ Thornback and peel/ I shared an amazing small treasures calendar/ we made a gingerbread house/ A little dolls house photoshoot in the forest




  1. ...and all of it was magic. <3

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous 2015 you have had - here's to 2016 being even better :)

    1. Thank you very much. i am so excited for this year x

  3. Your blog is so serene and beautiful. Thank you for such a lovely year.

    1. Thank you very much :) I hope you have a lovely 2016 x

  4. I really have enjoyed looking at your photos this year. Sarah

  5. I just discovered your blog this year and it is wonderful, i love it, so unique and inspirational. I've just made a list of adventures for me and my little boy to go on, all inspired by this post so thank you. Best wishes for next year from my family to yours

    1. Thank you very much. I hope you have lovely adventures with your little boy x



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