Sunday 29 November 2015

The dolls house

People can be so incredibly kind. Yesterday, one of our dear neighbours and friends bought the girls around this wonderful dolls house. I spent some time emptying the toy box in the bay and sorting through the toys that the girls haven't played with in a while and moved the dolls house into the bay. It will be moved into their rooms on alternate nights later on as we are getting our tree  to put in the bay but i wanted the girls to be surprised when they came down. I heard the squeals this morning when i whispered to them that there was a surprise downstairs. I stayed upstairs while they went to discover what it was and smiled when i heard their excitement. It was such a kind gesture and something that has made our day just that much more magical.

After breakfast, i put Kate Bush on the record player and the girls disappeared upstairs to change and came down in their favourite dresses. They have spent hours playing. The dolls house was packed full of wonderful furniture. China baths, bookcases filled with books and beautiful stair rails. Just every little girls dream. I couldn't help but take a few iphone pictures of them. I know it is going to be used in many photo shoots now. We have loved spending the morning in our own little doll world!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you ever so much. We are in love with it x

  2. These are stunning. They would make beautiful photos in a nursery. Are you selling your work on Etsy or anywhere? Just a thought...


    1. Oh wow, thank you. I wish i had taken these on my digital camera! Not sure how they will end up being printed as a iphone picture :( xx

  3. What lovely neighbours - and photos of course. So glad to hear of this random act of kindness - they always restore my faith in humankind x



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