Friday 20 November 2015

Dear teacher

Sometimes you really do hit the jackpot with a teacher. A person who when you take your children to school. you just feel so happy in the fact that that person cares for your child just the same as you do. They spend more time with your child during the week than you do and knowing that your child is happy and confident with the teacher really can make all the difference. It is hard for me to send the girls into school as it is. I miss them awfully and i have days where  just go home and have no idea what to do with myself even though i have an inbox of emails and deadlines looming for photography and blog work. I just want to curl up under blankets and do nothing.

This wonderful, kind and caring teacher that Elle and i have come to love so much is leaving today. She has been just amazing for Elle and there have been many tears this week from her as she is so sad that her teacher is going. But we are lucky that the new teacher seems lovely too.

Elle is so sensitve and has the heart of gold and as soon as she heard that her teacher was going, she came straight home, sat at my craft desk and got to work on a little book for her. She spent all weekend doing it, as well as all her homework. She really is amazing this little lady of mine!

I wasn't going to share the book but i just wanted to look back on this and see the kind words she has written. She even made her daddy teary when he read it after she had finished. Her kindness is going to take her so far in life and i couldn't be any prouder of her!


  1. Ah that is so lovely, I just love looking at kid's artwork, it's the best thing x



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