Friday 21 August 2015

Sailing paper boats

                                                        (Dresses by Mady & Luigi)

I love making paper boats. I remember sitting in my room when i was younger and making lots of them. I have taught the girls to make them and this morning, we made up some boats to take in a basket to the lake. Every year, we love to sail boats. I did this even before the girls were born. I would make my own boats and make little videos of them sailing on the water. I knew before they were born that it would be something that i would love to do with my own children.

We walked to the lake this afternoon and the girls got straight into the water. I kept having to make them come towards the shore as all they wanted to do was go deeper and deeper. We were so lucky in that we made friends with some swans and some geese. It was so lovely to watch the girls be completely mesmerised by them and they were so excited when they saw them swimming over!

I made a little video. I didn't take too much footage as i wanted to sail boats with them myself but i did a few little clips just so we have something to look back on when they are older. I love making these films and capturing the story of their childhood.




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