Saturday 20 June 2015

Capturing their story

Starting this blog many years ago, i wanted to share my photography. I had a separate Livejournal blog that i would write on but here, i would just share my photography updates and new work. Elle was a baby and i wasn't quite sure where i was going with my photography or really what my style would end up being. I didn't share anything about Elle or parenting here and i wasn't really sure that i wanted to share. After Mia was born, i ended up starting a new blog solely for updating about the girls. I blogged there for about a year but i wasn't happy having two blogs and after a while, i decided to transport that whole blog over here and set all my previous posts back to draft. I was happy here and loved sharing updates on the girls as they grew.

I have always loved taking photographs of the girls but i was working more on personal work when they were younger. As they grew and we started going on more adventures, i really loved capturing them, capturing the memories and capturing the little moments that would have just been forgotten. I feel like i am creating the most wonderful keepsake of them all for the girls. Not only am i helping create their childhood story but i am capturing their story for them too. They will always have these photographs and films to look back on and i cannot wait to see where the next few years takes us.

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  1. I love your photography Kerri-Anne. I remember buying some prints from you many years ago on Etsy. Your photos are still my favourites to this day, I just wish I could get better at taking them now too :) xx

  2. That is exactly what I have been thinking when watching your photos - you are capturing their childhood for them, and it´s priceless gift for them! And it´s a precious thing we can share the nostalgic atmosphere your beautiful, magical photos. Thank you!

  3. love the 5th one, and the one by the hydrangeas! it's going to be SO nice for the girls to see and look back on these photos when they're older. do you print any/many out?

  4. All of these images are truly stunning and it's such a lovely way to document their lives and they are very lucky to have such beautiful captures to show their children oneway

    Laura x

  5. Stunning! I love the way you can capture a photo of them doing something ordinary like looking at a horse but transform it into such a magical photo, so beautiful x

  6. your pictures are always so stunning and it will be amazing for them to look back on them! x

  7. These are some of my vary favorites of your fairies : ) You are wonderful K xo



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