Monday 20 April 2015

Teaching them to photograph

My girls are used to having their photographs taken and Elle has always had an interest in taking her own photographs. We bought her a kiddizoom camera when she was 4 to use but she quickly outgrew it so last summer, i gave her one of my old SLR cameras to use. She loves playing around with it and asks to take it out when we go on adventures.

Now we are heading out of more days out, she has started to ask to take it with us and because she has a camera, Mia has asked for her own camera too. I feel the childrens cameras of quite limited and because Elle got bored of hers really quickly, i have been looking at different options for Mia. She wants one just like her sisters so i have been looking at the Panasonic bridge cameras. They look similar to the SLR's but have better quality then the smaller cameras. It would be so lovely to see our days from both of the girls point of views and to see what they photograph. Elle loves photographing flowers and Mia just likes to point and shoot anything. I would love to use this summer to help them channel their creativity and to make a summer scrap book of all their photographs and things we find such as pressed flowers and other little treasures. It would be something lovely for the girls to have and for us to look back on and remember that summer. Yes we have the photographs and videos that i will be doing but to see everything from three different views is something i am very excited about. Elle has already told me that she wants to be a photographer like me as well as an astronomer, famous author and a dress maker ;) That little girl is such an over achiever. But something i am excited to see is what Mia photographs. She is such a funny thing and flitters from one thing to the next. Even at preschool they have told us that she never sits still enough to finish one task. She loves to just flitter from thing to thing but i am looking forward to see what type of person she becomes over the next few years and to explore her creativity with her to see how she sees the world.

Here are some of Elle's photographs from last summer. We took a day out at the meadow and she spotted some flowers she loved. I love how she has captured them!

(this is a collaborative post)


  1. Oh her pictures are gorgeous! I'd be interested to know what you choose for her - Kitty loves taking pictures and I sometimes let her have my big camera or my phone but I want to get her her own camera for her next birthday. My inlaws bought her a kiddy camera a while back but it eats batteries and the picture is awful so she abandoned it in favour of her camera handbag and a bit of make believe!

  2. Stunning pictures! Really, really beautiful! I look forward to hearing what you go for. Ava's got the kiddizoom and loves it at the moment (she's 3) but I can see her outgrowing it soon enough... Tricky one! Xx



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