Thursday 2 April 2015

A playdate in the forest

                                                                    (All iphone photographs)

We are so happy that it is the Easter holidays and yesterday, the girls and i met up with fellow blogger Hayley from Shutterflies and her two children. I had met her once before at a blog camp event but we didn't really get to talk a lot so yesterday was wonderful. The children instantly got on and we had an amazing adventure in the forest. I was gutted that i left my memory card in my laptop though! I wanted to take some photographs and make a little video of the day but when i got to the forest, i switched on my camera to discover that i had forgotten it! We also had an eventful end of the day when i went to get the car key out of my bag to find that it had fallen out of a small whole somewhere in the forest! Cue me having to sprint the whole track that we took in wellies. I was panicking so much and my husband called whilst i was looking. I must have sounded crazy on the phone as i didn't want him to know i had lost the car key, especially as it was his car i was driving! I had basically given up hope and thought i would look in a bramble that i had carried Elle over right at the end of our walk and i found it! I nearly got down on my knees and sang a hallelujah song right there in the brambles! I am so thankful to Hayley for keeping my girls entertained in the park and for sticking around to make sure we didn't get locked in the car park that was about to close.

It is so lovely to meet other mums who have the same outlook on life and parenting as you do. I have met so many lovely people (on and offline) through this little blog of mine! I have a few events coming up this month that i am going to on my own and facing my fears of meeting people i don't know. I wouldn't have done this at all last year as my anxiety would have taken over but this year, i am pushing myself to be more confident and not let anxiety and fear of judgement stop me from meeting new people.


  1. So glad you had such a wonderful time! (& pleased you're not still looking for the car keys) X

  2. All the little ones look like they're having a wonderful time - and I'm so glad you found your car keys!!

  3. Looks like a really fun day for both you & the kids! I had to check twice when you said all the photos were on iPhone - you're amazing! x



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