Sunday 26 October 2014

Pumpkin carving

Yesterday, we carved pumpkins. It has become a yearly tradition and we love pumpkin carving even though the smell of them makes me a little queasy! My best friend, Hannah, came over with her nephew and the little ones all picked out their pumpkins from the store before all drawing faces on them that the adults then cut out for them. I love the photograph of them all outside. It was the only one we managed to capture as all three of them were about to drop the pumpkins as they were too heavy haha!

In the morning, we had a shoot planned with Hannah of Gilles and i in the fir woods. We got there, stood in front of the teepee that the girls and i made a few months ago and then we turned around to see Callum run down a slippery bank and face planted onto the floor which gave him a very bad nose bleed. We instantly all went back to the car and Hannah took Callum to the hospital. He was fine and within an hour he was back at our house all ready to carve his pumpkin. A very brave little man indeed! The girls were very happy to have him back and after carving, they all ate hotdogs and did sparklers outside as an extra special treat!

We are heading to a farm shop tomorrow to pick up some more pumpkins as i really want to have a go at making a fairy house out of one for the girls and also get some smaller ones to cover in gold glitter for in front of the fire place. I just love autumn time!



  1. Fun! ♡ I love your little family sososo much.

  2. What a great family tradition, I really need to get a move on and get some pumpkins to carve. I love Halloween so much and just need to get into it a bit more this year. (Love the idea of making a fairy house out of one!)

  3. Beautiful pics and what a lovely house and family you have! Have an amazing Halloween, looks like you'll have fun!xx

  4. We went to pick ours last week but I still haven't carved them, must do it tomorrow! These are lovely photos! x

  5. we bought pumpkins but have yet to carve them! Must do it tomorrow! x

  6. I saw some small ones at a shop in town today but couldn't think of what I'd do with them! Wish I'd picked them up now! Glad the nose bleed wasn't a big deal.



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