Sunday 19 October 2014

Living arrows V

Everyone Monday, myself and 11 other bloggers share a photograph of our children taken that week. It is a link up over on and i wanted to share some recent photographs i have taken for the project. It is such a wonderful collaboration, sharing our snaps with everyone and seeing what your dear blogging friends have taken that week also. I always look forward to Monday morning and it always seems like we are all in sync as each week goes by, there are always familiarities to all our photographs.  

These are just the tiny moments in my girls amazingly big world right now. The moments that i never want to forget. The moments that they wouldn't remember when they are bigger and that now they can remember because of this wonderful project. The moments were they are just being kids, being themselves. Exploring, changing, growing and being my living arrows.



  1. Oh Keri-Anne these photos look like they belong in a magazine, they are breathtaking!

    1. You are so so kind! Thank you ever so much x

  2. Your photos all flow effortlessly into each other, your style is beautiful x

  3. Absolutely enchanting ♡XOXO



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