Sunday 3 August 2014

A handmade book for her teacher

This girl of mine blows me away with how sweet and wonderful she is. She completely loves school and as the end of school term came up, i asked her if she would like to get something for her teacher to say thank you. She pondered for a while and declared that she would like to make a book for her teacher. I picked her up some card and put all her pencils out on the table and left her to it. She sat for three hours making this book for her.

"Miss Ryan is a rily good teecher and miss ryan is rily sweet. Miss ryan looks after us and helps us to lern. Wen we had are class foto miss ryan looked byeutrel. At school miss ryan helps us to reed and do are numbers and are hand ritinge. I wont foget you as long as i live from Elle Pink."

I am just so proud of her. Her little books she makes are amazing! I am keeping them all (except this one, of course). Elle's teacher thanked me for the letter i wrote her also and said that the book Elle did was "very much Elle". It makes me smile that others see her for the creative little girl that she is. I am looking forward to all the other books she makes over the years and i am interested to see if her little sister takes her her big sister and what sort of little lady she is going to grow into.


  1. That is so Elle. And a gift I am sure Miss Ryan appreciated in that the result was her own time and effort. You have raised two amazing little ladies (along with Gilles of course) and I know they will grow up as kind, caring, creative and wonderful as their mum is.

  2. Aww that's so sweet; and such a lovely present for her teacher (who sounds like she really gets Elle!)

  3. This is just too sweet! I remember when I was in Year 5, me and my best friend made books about each other/why we were friends/why we liked each other, and when we showed our teacher she liked it so much that she had the whole class make them! x



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