Monday 30 June 2014

Being in the sun

    (Dresses c/o of House of Fraser. I photographed my niece also in one of the dresses)

My husband and i are both very paled skinned and my husband has ginger hair and freckles and i have blonde hair and freckles. It was inevitable that we would have english rose skinned children with possibly ginger hair and of course freckles. Elle has the same hair as her daddy and a face of freckles and Mia has dark blonde hair with a auburn sheen and cheeks dotted in freckles. Protecting them the sun is incredibly important for us!

House of Fraser contacted me to share with you my top tips for keeping your children safe in the sun.

-Firstly, you will need a good sun cream. We have two sun creams which are both factor 50. Elle has a sun cream that she keeps at school which is a once a day sun cream. Her teachers are not allowed to apply the children's sun cream so i have taught Elle how to apply her cream and we do it together when we get to the school. It is important to me that she knows how to apply it herself because i cannot go up to the school every hour to do it for her. Even though the sun cream is a once a day cream, i still want her to apply it to her face again on her breaks and outside play times as that is the first place that burns on her.

-Sun hats. Both the girls have a straw hat with a brim to protect their eyes. I love the traditional look of the straw hats and they are more likely to keep them on because they love the flowers on them ;)

-Water. I know it is a no brainer really but i sometimes go out and forget to take water. I have made sure that now the weather is a lot warmer that i have a good supply in the bag for them. Elle hardly drinks (she gets that from me) so i like to encourage her and we have had a big talk about dehydration and how water is important for her body.

-Shade. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that we love being outside in woods and meadows. I always make sure that we sit in a shaded area if we have a picnic with us or if the girls are doing their nature journals. I also think it is very important to use a sun shade/beach tent when you are on the beach. On the beach that we like to do to, there are lots of sand dunnes so we sit behind one of them in the shade, plus it is great for them to head off exploring if they wanted to!

Do you have any more tips? I would love to hear them.

(This post is in collaboration with House of Fraser. All opinions are my own)


  1. I am a bit neurotic about protecting my skin and my daughter's skin because I've got a history of skin cancer in my family. I'm all about the factor 50 and hats. We do sit in the sun a fair bit but escape to the shade when it's really hot

  2. I agree wholeheartedly, always slap on the sun screen. I still hate the fact that when Hannah was little I let her go off with a family to the beach and they never reapplied the sun cream and she got very badly burnt on her back. I also lost a dear friend to skin cancer so am a little on the neurotic side but better to be safe than sorry

  3. i am having such a rubbish today, and these sweet photos definitely made me feel a little better :)

    and i agree with all these points! sun protection is so so important.

  4. I burn easily so always wear factor 50 and I'm always coating the kids in it. Mr C is a lot darker and I think Cherry has more of his skin tone but Tiger is pasty like me so I try to keep him out the sun as much as poss. Good tips :) x

  5. Great post sweetie. Love the photos especially the hand one. You know I love hands. :) Really proud of you and all you do for your girls. Love you xxx

  6. I must admit I'm terrible and forgetting to bring water with us, so much that I'm looking to invest in a sturdy re-useable bottle I can carry everywhere. I love the straw hats, the girls looks wonderful in them and your photography is beautiful as always. x

  7. Such great tips and it's really important to keep safe in the sun - having grown up in South Africa I have to admit I usually tan very quicky and don't personally use much sun cream only as my skin is use to very sunny weather - although during the midday heat I do put some on my shoulders and neck. Also making sure you put some on the top of your feet if your wearing sandals - it's strange but I often see people with burnt feet :)

    Laura x



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