Saturday 16 November 2013


Phew. I have so much to share! After taking a little blogging and internet break, i am been a little busy bee. Firstly, i have been working on getting this house sorted and organising the little messes all around the house. It is alot cleaner and organised now and i am finding it easier to keep on top of it everyday. I actually am starting to enjoy the daily clean after the school run to get things looking shiny and clean! I am so excited to start decorating and preparing the house for Christmas. I have lots of ideas and some DIY's to share in the next few weeks.

Elle has been doing amazingly well at school. I am just bursting with pride. She is reading such complicated words that a month ago, she would have no clue on how to work out the sounds! She is blowing us away with her reading. We have her parents evening in a few weeks and i cannot wait to see what her teacher has to say. She is coming home from school with new tales to tell and is learning all about India at the moment and loves it so much! I am hoping to find her a little book on India for Christmas. I am excited to learn all over again about this subjects and help her broaden her knowledge on the world.

Halloween has been and gone. The girls had a great time. They went to two parties. Mia dressed as a cat and Elle was ghost princess. Then we had bonfire night and my dear Hannah came over to spend time with the girls. We did sparklers and ate hot dogs. It was just a quiet affair really this year but the girls had a great time and so did we. I am still trying to adjust to this school routine and the days changing, and i haven't really felt organised in these events! Next year will be different though. I already have plans and being able to drive will make my world so much easier!

Talking about driving, i am only a few weeks away from my test and i am so so excited! I have my mock test with my instructor next week and i am just praying and praying that i pass my test. It would really change my life! I am excited to have a sister day once a week. My sister is my best friend and lives twenty minuets away. We don't get to see each other too much, so i cannot wait to see her more. And my little niece too!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are busy preparing for Gilles's birthday on Monday. It is going to be great!


  1. Ohh it sounds like you've had a wonderful few weeks! <3

  2. Sorry I haven't checked in for a while lovely, been so busy. Gorgeous photos as always and I love their little winter coats. Hope you are all well, sounds like you have been busy. x

    1. Oh, sweetie, i know the feeling!! Thank you for coming by x



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