Thursday 17 October 2013

Teacups of autumn

Little teacups full of autumn. I wanted to display some of the little bits that the girls have picked and thought that adding them to some of my floral teacups would be a perfect touch for our living room fireplace. I love decorating for the different seasons and love coming up with different things each year. These little teacups look wonderful with the woodland animals pictures that are on top of the fireplace. I just want to get another one of my favourite candles and the display will be complete!


  1. Such a good idea- these look gorgeous:) I love your blog!

  2. So cute. Your photos are beautiful too x

  3. These are so beautiful I want some for my fireplace! xxx

    1. thank you Danielle. I am glad you like them :) x

  4. Such eye candy they are :) Oh oh so pretty and magical, honey! I put my acorns in a mini teacup today :) I hope to share some pics soon. What are the berries, my dear? They are so lovely...i just gathered some madrone tree berries yesterday and will be munching on them and drying some for beads.

    M xx

    1. Thank you Madly. I would love to see your acorns in your teacup :) I am not sure what the berries are. I would love to know though x

  5. This is such a fantastic idea, Keri-Anne! I think it's even more special because your girls picked out everything that went inside the little teacups. These look like such a sweet way to bring fall in to the home. I'll definitely be picking up some pretty teacups soon thanks to you!


    1. Thank you Melanie! I hope you find some nice teacups xxxx

  6. This is a super idea and very pretty. I love decorating for the seasons too. x

  7. I have these teacups . they were my great grandmother's xxx


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