Wednesday 24 July 2013

Dreaming of the countryside

It is certainly not a secret that i am a country girl. I have such huge dreams of being in the countryside, bringing up my family surrounded by meadows and forests. Even though Elle has always lived in the town, she loves nature and completely adores flowers and finding out all about the different types. Both girls love being by the water and going for walks and climbing trees. It would be a complete dream for me to move us out to the countryside. I love going to farmers markets and going for drives around villages, looking at cottages and falling in love with every single one.

When i pass my driving test, i will be driving around the countryside constantly and finding new places to explore. I grew up in the countryside and spent a lot of my time in the fields and sitting in trees by the river. I want the girls to have the same experiences and appreciate nature.

Next week, i am taking the girls out along the canal to look at all the wild flowers growing. We will take a little field journal with us to take clippings and write about our finds. I think it is so important for little ones to grow up learning about nature and our surroundings and i am just lucky that both my girls seem to be so passionate about it already!


  1. How gorgeous and idyllic would it be to live in the country? My nan did when I was younger and I always wanted to live with her.
    And how funny that you've posted this now, I've posted today about my dreams of living at the seaside. Girls can dream, right? x

  2. Such a lovely collection of images of the countryside. I have always been in two minds about the countryside and the city. I've grown up in a small town close to country lanes and right near London, my Grandparents live in the country side and the last time I visited I began to understand why people love it. I want both, to be in the city but living on a small country lane in a cottage.

    1. Sometimes i have such an urge to just move to London instead of the countryside too but i just know my hear will always lie with the countryside and i can visit cities for day trips or weekend to get my fix x

  3. I love the photos you collected. These are the places I want to be in someday. :)

  4. I love the countryside- the first house is like my dream house!



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