Thursday 27 June 2013

Through Elle's eyes vol.6

                                                          (vol 1/vol 2/vol 3/vol 4/vol 5)

Here is the next upload of the photo's from Elle's camera complete with her self portraits that she just loves to do!! At the moment, she has the vtech kiddiezoon camera. I want to upgrade this for her as she is getting so passionate about photography but the quality of this camera isn't that great now she is getting bigger. Does anyone have any recommendations for a better camera for her that is still easy to use but allows her to take sharper photos? We are going to give this to Mia. She has started taking photographs now. Where, as before, she would just take photographs of her feet, she is starting to take proper photographs and took  a beautiful one of Elle here. I might need to start up a "Through Mia's eyes" feature soon!



  1. Hey Keri-Anne - did some asking around and I was pointed at this camera.

    KidiZoom Plus 80-077341

    It is similar I think to the one she has, but seems to be a good spec (2.0 Mega-Pixels and can take an SD card). It is still a childs one but I think at least for awhile yet an adult camera wouldn't survive her/Mia.

  2. Your girls are so so cute! <3



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