Saturday 22 June 2013


This week has been quite busy. We have two wonderful museums in our town. One right near our house and another in the middle of a local park. We walk past the town museum a lot and Elle asked to look in it at the beginning of the week. She completely loved it and the next day we took her to the other museum. These are going to be places we will regularly visit. They are always swapping around their main displays and they offer activities for children. I didn't really think she would be interested as she is only 4 still. And of course, anything Elle does, Mia then wants to do the same so she too wanted to walk around and look at everything.

Gilles went away today for his first week away of four weeks over the summer period. He is working on the "in the night garden" show tour. He isn't back until late friday, and next weekend is our 6th wedding anniversary, so we have lovely things planned! I miss him already. We spent the day at my mums to allow him to have some sleep and pack as he is starting out on the over night shifts. I have some nice things planned for me and the girls this week to keep our mind off him not being here but the girls are already asking for daddy. It's going to be a long week!

It is my birthday in a few weeks, and i am looking for guest bloggers and people who would like to contribute in a huge birthday giveaway! Please email me at if you would like to take part!


  1. Your photos are so dreamy! Do you save them in print too?

    XOXO/Lena @ RootandBlossom

    1. Thank you! I am hoping to get these printed. I want to make up a big photo book for the girls to look through x

    2. Photobox are offering 50% off some of their hardcover photo books today. They just sent me an e-mail. You then have 3 months to create the book, before it expires (though you have to pay up-front to secure the special deal and if it expires, you lose it).

  2. You loved the museums etc when you were 4. You were always asking questions. Even little people like Mia can learn more than we perhaps realise, just from looking at stuff and listening to what we tell them about it. Teach them to be interested now, and they'll always look at things and be interested.

    Love these photos, Keri-Anne - they're all so atmospheric.

    It would be this week, that I have no car on Tuesday or Thursday... it's going to the garage, to have "The Harry Potter Dent" and the "Fence Post Dent" removed and re-sprayed. I decided that photos are good enough souvenirs of our holidays!! There's always the bus, I suppose... hmmm...




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