Wednesday 15 May 2013

Video: A sunset walk

Wednesdays are always our busiest days with Elle's preschool in the morning, followed by a 2 mile walk to her gymnastics class and then back again. It rained and rained all day but come this evening, the sun appeared so when my husband got in from walk, i took my camera with me and took a walk along the river. Since getting my new SLR for christmas, i have loved making videos of the girls, so today i decided to make a video of my walk and play around with the sunlight.

The sun did disappear after a while behind a storm cloud but it was wonderful none the less.

(bubbles and indians, Cavalcade funfair, A spring day, Mia's teaparty, Mia and the watercolours)


  1. Oh wow, I am lost for words...beautiful, just so beautiful <3 xx

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  3. Oh it must be beautiful there where you live!
    Such a lovely and fantastic video!!!

    1. Thank you. I live in the town centre but we have some lovely parts around x



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