Tuesday 2 April 2013

Video: A spring day

Music is Wanderlust by Elle Graham

Today was lovely. We spent the morning playing Cowboys and Indians versus's the dinosaurs in  the teepee. My friend visited from up north and after lunch, we met with my mum and her dogs at the abbey and went exploring. The abbey is one of my favourite places and i am so lucky it is on my doorstep. It is where most of my outside photoshoots are shot. The sun shined all day and spring really showed today. We spied little bluebells coming up and crocus's. I made a little video of our day. I just love documenting days for the girls to look back on when they are older. There shall certainly be a lot more exploring in the abbey over the next few months. We spend most of our summer days there, having picnics and paddling in the lake.



  1. Such a beautiful video, the song, your gorgeous girlies, all made me smile today. Thank you for sharing :) xx

    1. Thank you very much, i am glad you liked it x

  2. Hi darling, I have watched it 3 times, I love it so much.
    I want you to know how talented you are at doing these.
    From the speed of the frames to the angles of the shots, to setting it to the gentle music.
    You are gaining ground all the time in perfecting them, and I can so seeing you doing look books for children's brands or magazines like Papier mâché.
    It is so nice to watch your blog expanding and all the work you are placing into it is gona be worth it, both for the girls to look back on and also for your future opportunities I'm sure.
    Love you
    Kat xxx

    1. Kat, that is the kindest comment i think i have ever received. Thank you so very much for your kind words and encouragement. I do love the video making. I guess its another outlet for my photography and i love finding the angles and light. I would love to do lookbooks but i need to learn to be more steady first. I shake a little ha.
      Love you dear x

  3. Oh how i loved this my dear. Such a wonderful view into your beautiful world of sweetness. Your film was so stunning and i love seeing the girls ways. Just the most lovely thing i have seen all day and a delight for the eyes.

    Madlyn xx

    P.s. so happy to see the girls like the hair pins. :) made my day to see them in their beautiful hair. x

  4. Aw glad you found it helpful my lovely friend.
    And I shake a little too, so I relate ;)
    Lovely to see Maddy's comment above me and hear about the pins.
    Love kxx



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