Sunday 7 April 2013

Spring fairy

I have two very girly little girls. Elle would be dresses as a princess everyday with a tiara on her head if i let her. Mia throws tantrums if a dress isn't "fifi" (pretty) enough. Every morning, i have to hold up all her dresses just so she can pick and, god forbid, if you try and put her in anything that isn't a dress or tutu. I secretly love that they are both so girly as i was such a tom boy and thought at least one of the girls would follow suit.

This summer will, of course, be about dresses for me and the girls. I don't wear jeans or trousers. I have come across such lovely dresses on pinterest and i shall be searching ebay and charity shops looking for sweet pieces to add to their summer wardrobes. Their shall be flowers crowns in their hair or sweet little bows. Their shall also be lots of playing in the woods and stream. We are so very lucky to live on the doorstep of a great woods, lake and meadow which we spent many summer days and nights having teaparties, picnics and bbq's.

In the next few weeks, when the weather warms up, i shall be starting a "what we wore" and a "fairy fashion" series as i love sharing my outfits and what the girls wear.


  1. Beautiful as always. Cant wait for these posts. x

  2. Oooh fairy fashion that sounds lovely.
    The top left photo is a real fave of mine
    Beautiful collage darling



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