Saturday 9 February 2013

Video: Mia's teaparty

I get four mornings a week with just Mia and it is wonderful. It is so lovely to see her as her own person. She can often get bossed around (and carried around) by her big sister so for her to have that time on our own, exploring and learning and having her mama all to herself, is wonderful. I just love these mornings with her.

She will always end up in her sisters room, playing with her sisters things and getting out her sisters jewellery boxes and dressing up things. She is very much a girly girl. This morning, i got out Elle's china tea set for Mia to play with and she went and fetched up mice and set them up and that is the beginning of the story. I just love capturing these little moments as they happen so quickly and the details and memory can fade just as quick.

Music is Elle's music box and flume by Lotte Kestner


  1. Love this darling!
    Just want to ask her for a hug and to pour me a cuppa
    Kat xxx

    1. thank you Kat. You two would have the most perfect teaparty x

  2. this is so beautiful, mia is a perfect doll, i just love your video lovely <3

  3. Beautiful video! Love you Mimi! Xx

  4. How cute! Somehow she reminds me of the little girl I was au pairing last year :)



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