Friday 8 February 2013

Friday, i'm in love

This week i have fallen in love with Tutudumonde. I am sure Elle and Mia would wear these dresses everyday if they could. I especially love this one and this one!

The girls and i need to make this unicorn horn headband! Its wonderful.

Mia knows a few of her colours. We were playing with her mice and i said that the one i was holding had a pink dress. She looked at her one and pointed to the dress and said green! It was green! I was amazed.

Gilles is taking a week off from work in March to completely redo our garden. I am excited about gathering ideas. You can follow my garden pinterest board here.

I am going to start doing a "what mama wore" feature and eventually "what we wore" feature. I am looking forward to it very much.

This website is so inspiring and does wonderful headwear.

This website is a go to for all things pretty for your little ones. In love. It just about has everything you could want and features wonderful shops such as Tutudumonde and Belle and Boo.

Talking about Belle and boo, my little ladies really would love this.



  1. Yay for pretty dresses and for colour recognition and for new gardens! That's so exciting!

  2. ah, this post is so wonderful. i adore the lace dress with the flowers, you always have the most lovely pictures here.

    lindsey louise



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