Thursday 28 February 2013

In her hands

"In her hands nightingales sang so sweetly that the moon was too shy to appear from behind the clouds. In her hands she held the stars so closely. So close to her heart that it lit up like a glow worm. Like a firework on a summers eve. In her hands she poured tea for the tiny creatures in the forest. Mint tea for the hedgehogs and ginger lilly tea for the baby sprites"



  1. I love you dear friend! Wonderful <3

    Lulu xx

  2. Wow. Magically. I wonder if I dare attempt something similar with my 6 yr old. She'd enjoy it and it would make a fabulous book after a while....

    You are so creative! The words and pictures. Can't help but smile!

    1. Oh you should! It would be wonderful. She would love looking back on it when she is bigger. x

  3. I want to read more of your stories! They are so full of atmosphere and lovely details... Have you thought of maybe uploading them onto or a similar website? If you publish an (e)book I'd buy it immediately :)

    1. Thank you dear. I shall have a look at that website. I have think being about an e-book. Thank you for your encouragement x

  4. Lovely pictures!!!!

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