Tuesday 2 October 2012

walnut shell sailing boats DIY

 About a year ago, i found a tutorial on pinterest to make walnut shell sailing boats with masking tape sails.I really wanted to make them but couldnt find any walnut shells anywhere. I was very lucky to find some in my Aunty and Uncles garden this weekend and i was very excited to make up some sailing boats. I thought i would share a little tutorial on how to make them. They are so simple and quick to make and look wonderful around the home. I will be making up a mobile of them for my bathroom and also make some smaller ones to string on lace to wear as a necklace.

You will need:

Walnut shells (halved and cleaned out)
A candle and matches/lighter
glue (i used craft glue)
Fabric to make the sails
A cocktail stick.

 1. Light a candle and wait for a little pool of wax to form

 2. Cut out two fabric triangles with a joining edge. Then glue the remaing edges together with the cocktail stick inside. I cut of the top of one of the edge spikes so it isnt sharp.

 3. Pour some wax from the candle into the walnut shell. I fill it up half way so, once set, it is enough to hold the stick in place.

 4. Place the sail stick into the wax and hold in position for around 30 seconds to let the wax set around.

There you have it! If you wanted to do this with children, you could always use bluetac or just a little liquid glue at the bottom to hold the stick. Let me know if you make these :)



  1. Super cute! My little girls will love these! Xx

    1. You should all make them. Its so easy and my Elle loved helping me :)

  2. SO cute! I'm going to be making these very soon! <3 xo

  3. Ohhh, these are so clever! Do they float if you put them in water?xo

  4. Thanks for sharing! They look absolutely lovely! Can't wait to try :)


  5. beautiful!
    i, too, am feeling a little crafty these days: http://mustbeliberating.blogspot.com.es/2012/10/getting-ready-for-fall-part-two.html

    i'm definitely going to try making these cute little sailboats!

    have a great day, darling!

    1. Oh those ideas are wonderful! I love the leaves around jars idea :) x

  6. I love them and they inspired me to make my own little boats Tuesday night. So easy and so pretty! I might make a few more for my niece to float in the tub :)

    1. Oh i am so glad you made some. I love love making them and find it so theraputic also. My little ladies had some in their bath the other night and loved it x

  7. My little boats are here, thanks again for the lovely idea! http://ilwenoflorien.blogspot.de/2012/10/if-you-want-to-build-ship.html

  8. I really want to make these but there are no walnuts around here....wah :'( They're adorable.

  9. These are so lovely! So beautiful! Love your diy ideas!


  10. My daughter made one of these for her father for Father's Day 26 years ago and he still has it. They made them in kindergarten and mounted them on a clear cube of lucite. The word DAD was painted on the lucite with puff paint. Also glitter was sprinkled on the wax while it was still warm which makes the inside of the boat look very pretty. This idea makes a great paperweight. My daughter and her 4 year old daughter made one this year for Father's Day. Such a cute tradition. :)



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