Tuesday 18 September 2012

Playdough cakes

This little lady is very creative. I left her with her playdough whilst i did a little house work and she came up to me with a tray of "cakes" she had made. I am so proud of her and her imagination. She has started to want to be left with her craft things so she can create things.

Elle turns 4 tomorrow! She woke this morning singing that it was her birthday and jumping around all excited. I had to break the news that it was still one more sleep and she was devasted! She really is turning a big girl! The dummy fairy is visiting this evening to take all her night time dummies away and leave her with an extra special present for being so grown up.

We have started home pre-schooling in the pink house. Elle is desperate to learn and has been doing her workbooks and getting stickers and pennies for her saving pot for each page. She has even turned down trips to the park and the disney shop so she can stay in and do her learning! I shall be doing regular posts on how we are doing at home. She does attend nursery once a week but we are cutting this out in the next month as she has started to ask to stay at home and it doesnt make sense to pay alot of money for her to go if she doesnt really want to so i have decided to home pre-school her and will be asking lots of advice to anyone that does any type of home schooling!

I also am working on another question and answer video blog for the next week, so if there is anything you would like me to answer..please comment below :)



  1. This was just too sweet : )

  2. playdoh is still a scent that takes me back to my childhood. i am so glad they have not changed it and i can live it all over again with my little ones even though they are now big ones:) home schooling i have now done forever:) the preschool years required of me: fairy tales and more fairy tales so they can imagine magic and wonder everywhere. kindness to others over and over so they can see this in the world. ready access to all things they love so they can follow their joy. dolls houses so they can imagine caring for miniature worlds and beings:) and time for them and their interests even though it may not be where i was in that particular moment:) 4 and 5 was magic. montessori and waldorf took us to amazing realms. we are big now:) but it was a wonderful journey...forever in my heart as the greatest trip of all...being home... watching them unfold and understanding who they each need to be. love love cheryl ps. beautiful cakes of playdoh and all their layers of expression.

  3. Happy Birthday Elle! Hope you had a wonderful day! Keri-Anne your post was so sweet and she is adorable.

  4. Happy birthday Elle, all the way from Brussels :) What a creative little lady!



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