Thursday 23 August 2012

The meadow fairy

"The meadow fairy".

A continuation of my fairy series. I am so enjoying being out at sunset and shooting my visions. My husband is home every evening for the next few weeks so i get a chance to go out if the weather holds. I am hoping to do another shoot one evening this week if the sun plays ball! (hoping tonight!).

This series and the previous Lace fairy series will be available in my etsy shop.



  1. So beautiful! I love your photostories. Are you available for photography work? I'd always imagined one day having a family portrait shoot like this, amongst fields with sunlight beaming through. x

    1. Hi Amy!
      THank you for your kind words. Yes i am available. IF you wanted to send me an email at that would be lovely x

  2. Omy good.. i love this post :) the photo is pretty. :)

  3. Omg, beautiful pictures!!!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH <3

  4. Your pictures are just so stunning. Every series has it's own speciality. I wish I can be like you some day too. Always looking forward to see more photo stories, with love xxx

  5. i absolutely love your photos, the sunset makes everything look just lovely :) x



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