Wednesday 29 August 2012

Plums and blackberries

Yesterday, my mum and i took the girls plum and blackberry picking. They just loved it! There is the sweetest little orchard in the country park in my mums village. This is going to be a yearly tradition. Last year we went blackberry picking also. This morning we made an apple, plum and blackberry crumble. We got the apples from a neighbours apple tree. It is delicious!



  1. so adorable! x

  2. oh such a beautiful frilly dress for a beautiful girl! love!

  3. So lovely, I love the girls little outfits! And I can never get over how amazing Elle's hair is! Too beautiful :) x x

  4. Love the first picture, the both of them are so sweet x

  5. Loved this shoot with your little girls, it has such a beautiful feeling.
    I really think they'd be worth submitting to the new Simple things magazine,
    though they might not be able to include them with the, working so many seasons ahead on Mags
    love kat xox



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