Saturday 11 August 2012

The lost fairy.

The lost fairy. This is my new photostory. I have wanted to shoot this story for a long time and i finally got to this week. I am so proud of these photographs and i think this is my most favourite photostory i have taken so far.



  1. I love the light! So dreamy... xx

  2. They are divine!
    I think it's my fave of yours also.
    Could you share a bit about your thoughts behind it - what it means to you - the story you feel is behind the images it'd be fascinating to know.
    Night sweets, kxxxx

    1. Oh Kat, thank you darling.
      I came across my washing line series photos from my old garden the other day and i knew i just wanted to create something similar but with more magic. This little fairy is lost in this meadow and has no one around. She is always alone but she makes the most wonderful dresses. All the animals love her but all the other fairies wont go near her. Its quite sad but i will be doing another series this evening at sunset that shows her in a different way. Just you wait xx

  3. They look magical. I also want all of those lovely dresses :)
    Kerry x

  4. My favourite of all and so lucky to have a friend so talented :) xx



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