Saturday 4 August 2012

the beach

We have just returned from the beach! We went on a weeks vacation to a little town in norfolk. It was so lovely. We stayed in a cottage called smugglers retreat with my aunty, uncle, cousin and brother.

We ate ice cream, played on the beach, boat watched, ate pancakes on a ship, ate more ice cream and played in the arcades.

Here is my holiday in my instagram pictures. I shall be going through my camera pictures this week.



  1. So lovely!

    i live right beside the beach and as much as i love it, it makes me a tiny bit sad that it'll never have that quaintly British thing of ice-cream and beach huts that you seem to get so often down south.

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday and look forward to seeing your camera photos :)

  2. Waw, looks like you had a really lovely holiday! I'm happy for you! Keep the happy pictures coming :)

  3. Great photos! I love how you can make pictures of even familiar things look fresh and different. You're so clever. XX

  4. such beautiful tender photos. love

  5. Lovely in every way
    & Mia walking for it too
    Kat x



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