Friday 27 July 2012

Friday, i'm in love

I have fallen hard in love for mexican embroided dresses like this one that Miss James wears. I am going to be using some of my august photography shoot money to find myself one.

I just love love love baking and i am ready for a new challenge. I want to start using regal icing on top instead of piping. I have bought myself some bits to start making some in a weeks time just like these.

Tomorrow, we go on holiday to the beach. We are very excited but today is just filled with housework, laundry and packing! I am taking a little break and now i feel like i need a nap *yawn*

The moccasins i mentioned before were delivered this morning but i missed the delivery as i was in my next door neighbours garden! boo! I am hoping that when my husband goes to the post office later, that they will be there to be picked up. I need them for the holiday!

I am completely in love with these dried flower lampshades! I need one for our bedroom.

This etsy shop is adorable! I especially would love this and this for the girls.

I shall see you all in a week. If i have time this evening, i shall be sheduling Mia's 16 month post as she turned 16 months on tuesday and i completely missed it!



  1. I love Miss James she has such style.
    I hope you track down a dress when the time comes.
    The new series of the British bake off starts on 15th .... can't wait!
    Kat x



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