Thursday 16 August 2012

Little acorn pouches

My dear friend, Kat, sent me this wonderful acorn pouch for my birthday back in July. I love it so very much and then to receive the sweetest email from Cheryl on etsy who made this wonderful pouch just made me love it even more. Cheryl and Madlyn are a mother and daughter team who own Miss teapot dress up on etsy. The shop is full of wondeful acorn pouches, beautiful fairy crowns and beautiful ribbons. I couldnt gush about this shop anymore! It is one of my very favourites on etsy now.

Cheryl and Madlyn are so enchantingly lovely! Cheryl has sent me the most wonderfulest words on etsy and Madly has left me the most sweetest comments on instagram. I see them both as wonderful friends now. Thank you Kat for bringing them into my life.




  1. thank you thank you for all your appreciations and friendship. such a beautiful capture of our work and our vision, tiny treasures in tiny wrapped packages. so so sweet. thank you for your attentions to miss teapot dress up, all in our shop comes from such a heart place that it is so grand to be appreciated in the ways you have. thank you keri-anne:)

  2. Oh I'm so happy to know you are in touch and are friends now as well. Cheryl and Maddy are just like us in their love of nature, fairies and making things.
    It's made my heart smile to think of us all as friends and hope one day we meet up!
    Love and fairy wishes kat xx
    Ps glad you love the acorn necklace :)



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