Wednesday 11 July 2012

writing her name

(Elle wrote "Elle" and Daddy wrote the rest using his wrong hand. I love how he does that!)

I was playing with Mia on the floor the other day whilst Elle was busy drawing at the table, when she presented me with a piece of paper. She had written her own name!!! I was so shocked. I had no idea that she could do it. I remember at her nursery parents evening that i was discussing how i didnt think she would write her name anytime soon as she would just do scribbles when it came to writting letters. I am SO proud of her. It is just amazing how much they know without you knowing. When she learnt the alphabet, she just sang it from start to finish one day and i had no idea she knew it!

This girl got herself a my little pony and a disney princess magazine!

Here is the picture she presented me. I think she should start a trend with her "E's"! 




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