Wednesday 27 June 2012

15 months

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Dear Mia,

You turned 15 months a few days ago. Its getting harder and harder for me to keep up with everything you are doing. You are saying so many words now! Your favourites this week are "abacus, stop, go, Elle, no, night and cat" I think you must be able to say atleast 50 words now!

You are still not standing on your own or walking yet but you are still excelling at your speech. You can sing row row row your boat and rock back and forth. You can sing wind the bobbin up with all the actions! Of course, you are not saying all the words but you know the whole tune and pick out a few of the words that you know.

You are very feisty! I used to think you were so quiet and reserved but your personality is really shining through and you are a stubborn little thing. You wont let your sister boss you around or take any toys of you. You have such a funny scowl that we can't help laughing when you get cross and do your scowl.

You are getting christened this sunday and so many people are looking foward to seeing you. You are going to have such a loved filled day. We have your dress hanging up that your Uncle Garth bought you and mummy is panicking alot about eveything that still needs doing but it will be a lovely day and it will be your day.

You are so FUNNY! you are always dancing. It is the sweetes thing. You shrug your shoulders up and down whilst popping your chest. You are growing up to be such an amazing little person and we are so proud that you are our daughter. We love you Mia Isobel x


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  1. I used to love that little song too Wind the bobbin up, thinking of you all for tomo, have a lovely time, blessings to Mia, kat xox



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