Friday 18 May 2012

She's got moves

I wanted to thank all of those that left me comments on my previous post. I felt quite vunuerable afterwards, but i think it is important to be honest on your blog, and it was something that i needed to share at that time.
I have had the most wonderful evening tonight with two of my best friends full of reminiscing about school days and laughing so hard, we had tears streaming down our faces.

I shall leave you with a little video of Mia and her funny dancing! She does make me laugh :)



  1. She is just fab! J. used to kneel and then rock back and forth.
    Mia definitely has a great sense of rhythm. Lovely little video.
    (I didn't see your previous post. I'll have a look in the morning... XX)

  2. Aww she's a poppet, she's so wanting to move and dance yet doesn't seem to have the desire to get up on those little feet yet does she. I bet she'll be there soon though, then her and Elle will be dancing holding hands :)
    Kat xox



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