Wednesday 2 May 2012

13 months

I am a little late posting this, i just cannot believe it is 13 months! i say to people "oh she turned one last week!"

Dear Mia,

Oh darling girl. You are 13 months old! I couldnt love you more, i really couldnt. You are such a big character and the sweetest little thing. You are so so clever and amaze me everyday. We ask you questions such as "Mia, are you ok darling?" or "Mia, is that nice?" and we get nods everytime. Daddy asked you this evening whether you loved him and you nodded your head so fast! You can understand exactly what we are saying.

This week, you have learnt to do a little scream when i sing row row row your boat. We change the words to "if you see a little Mia, don't forget to scream" and there you go, screaming and giggling right at the end! you "lalalalala" all the way through the song too and wiggle and dance. Oh, talking about dancing, it is the SWEETEST thing. You lie on your tummy, lift your head up and wiggle your bum around while moving your legs. As soon as you here music. We walked into a shop today, and you picked up the beat straight away and started tapping the beat out with your hand on your knee. You just LOVE music.

You can say hi, hiya, hello, bye, mum, dad and when you see the cats and i tell you that they are cats, you look at me and say dog! everytime! you used to say cat so clearly but you are insistant that they are dogs and not cats.

You are still not walking or standing on your own, but it doesnt matter atall. You are just a sponge when it comes to words! Walking can wait, i am just so proud of you. My clever little lady.

This time last year, you were tiny. Really tiny and fragile but it seems so far away. I am struggling to remember and i keep looking through your baby pictures. I remember thinking a year ago what you might look like at one by staring at your face for hours each day. You look just like i thought. Copper brown hair, the biggest blue eyes, rosy cheeks and porcelain skin. Oh and those lips, the sweetest little rosebud lips.

I love you (and your sister and daddy) more than life it self. I am so excited about the next few months, watching your personality come out even more. Thank you for being such an amazing little thing (even though you are STILL not sleeping).

Love your mummy x

                                          (someone didnt like there photo being taken!!)



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